Goetz Receives Top Sales Award 2013

Goetz Irrigation Services is an independently owned dealership for T-L Irrigation Services. Based in Valparaiso, Indiana we serve all of Northwest Indiana and beyond. Not only do we install new T-L irrigation systems, we can also deliver and assemble used systems, and service any brand of farm irrigation system.

Our business began when the first center pivot was installed on our own farm near Valparaiso, Wyckoff Hybrids, Inc. Our owner, Luke Goetz quickly saw the advantages of these hydraulically driven units, not only in efficiency, and reliability, but also in safety and ease of use. The benefits of being able to control water on the farm’s seed and commercial acres paid dividends almost immediately. The farm has since added four more units to their operation.

The T-L Difference

The T-L Difference is what farmers refer to when their experience with irrigators has been with electrical systems. T-L’s don’t combine the dangerous elements of water and electricity. Instead they are hydraulically driven. Hydraulics are something that most farmers are familiar with and comfortable with working on themselves. What little maintenance and problems arise with T-L units, the farmers can usually repair it themselves. Another advantage of hydraulically driven units is the even distribution of water. With a constant speed, a uniform amount of water can be applied to the whole field. There is no starting or stopping causing non uniform coverage and uneven yields.

We chose T-L Irrigation Systems due to their reliability and ease of use as well as their safe operation. Not to mention the founders of T-L are farmers too, so their product has been field tested and farmer engineered. The T-L difference is proven technology that works.


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